9 Double-Duty Products for Your Beauty Arsenal



These days, we’re all looking to pinch pennies and find products that can work double-time, so we’re not spending our hard earned cash on a different product for every little thing. If you’ve been searching high and low for ways to keep yourself looking flawless, without spending a fortune, look no further. Not only will these double-duty products save you time, money and shelf space, but you’ve probably even got a few of them hanging around your house right now. So whether you’re looking for a substitute to make-do in a pinch, or you’re trying to save a few dollars on beauty products, check out these 9 double-duty products you should definitely add to your beauty arsenal right now!

9. Use Deodorant to Calm Bikini Irritation and Chafing



Tired of bumps and irritation around your bikini line after shaving or waxing? Grab a stick of deodorant and apply to the area right after shaving or waxing. Any type of deodorant will work, but gels tend to stain fabrics, so you may be better off with non-gel formulas. Don’t use the same deodorant you use under your arms every day, either, since you don’t want to spread bacteria from one area to another. Instead, pick yourself up a stick just for the bikini area, and always make sure to keep the deodorant clean. Deodorant can also be applied to the insides of your thighs in the summertime, to prevent chafing and irritation!

8. Use Baby Shampoo as Face Wash, Makeup Remover and More!



Baby shampoo has been around for generations, offering a gentle and tear-free way to keep baby clean from head to toe. But baby isn’t the only one who can benefit from the gentle formula of baby shampoo! Try using baby shampoo as a gentle face wash! Not only does it do a great job removing makeup and leaving your skin clean, clear and soft, baby shampoo is tear-free, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning around your eyes. Baby shampoo is also a great alternative to laundry detergent for cleaning delicates, and can be used to clean your makeup brushes gently and effectively. Have ‘racoon eyes’ from leftover mascara or eyeliner? Simply dab a bit of baby shampoo onto a cotton puff and wipe the makeup away, no muss, no fuss and no tears!

7. Use Baby Oil as a Shaving Lotion and After-Shave Moisturizer



Speaking of baby products that can double as part of your beauty routine, baby oil is an excellent shaving lotion, also doubling as an after-shave moisturizer. Not only will baby lotion help you avoid nicks and cuts and get you the closest shave ever, it’s also great for your skin, leaving your legs or underarms feeling buttery soft and smooth. Like baby shampoo, baby oil can also be used as a gentle, but very effective makeup remover. Just be careful – if you have oily skin, baby oil is probably not your best bet as far as makeup removers go. What else can baby oil do? Use baby oil to get rid of that sticky film leftover after waxing, or use a bit of baby oil to make a lip scrub by mixing a teaspoon of the oil with half a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice.

6. Use Lip Balm as a Mascara Alternative and Eyebrow Tamer



Running short on time? Swipe a bit of petroleum-jelly-based lip balm onto your lashes instead of mascara, for instant darkening and shine. You can also dab a bit across unruly brows to keep them in line, instead of fussing with eyebrow pencils, creams or waxes. Have rough, dry or irritated skin around your nose? Apply a bit of lip balm to soothe and protect. Lip balm can also be used around your cuticles in place of cuticle creams, or run it along your skin at the hairline before applying hair dye, to avoid staining your skin. Bet you never realized how many uses that little tube of lip balm really has!

5. Use Lightweight Lotion for Fly-Away Hair



Especially in the wintertime, frizzy, flyaway hair seems to run rampant, no matter how hard you try to tame your locks before walking out the door. Not to worry! Simply carry a small bottle of lightweight lotion with you, rub a little between your hands and finger-comb through your hair when needed. Always make sure the lotion you use is lightweight, not heavy, however, and never use more than just a dab here or there when absolutely needed. You don’t want an unsightly build-up of lotion in your hair as the day wears on, which would leave your hair looking dull, greasy and limp. When used sparingly, though, a dab of lightweight lotion can work wonders on that flyaway hair!

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