9 Skincare Resolutions for 2015



Even the most dedicated skincare enthusiast forgets a few things throughout the year. If you’ve been known to sleep in your makeup a time or two, skimp out on the sunscreen or can’t remember the last time you saw your dermatologist, check out the slideshow for our top 9 skincare resolutions for 2015!

9. Moisturize After Every Shower



Skin starts losing moisture about ten minutes after you step out of the shower, so the best time to hydrate your skin is right after your shower, while the skin is still damp. Try keeping a bottle of lotion next to your shower as a reminder.

8. Daily Sunscreen



Most of us know that sunscreen is a necessity before heading out for a day on the beach in July, but sunscreen should be worn all year long and touched up throughout the day. Try packing some Shady Wipes in your bag for quick, hassle free touch-ups!

7. Remove Makeup Nightly



Sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Take your makeup off as soon as you get home from a long day at the office. Preferably before you prop your feet up and reach for a glass of wine.

6. See the Dermatologist



Yearly checkups with the dermatologist can help identify potential problems early, so they can be tackled head on. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment with your dermatologist lately, the new year is a great time to get back in the office for a skin checkup!

5. Exfoliate Regularly



Exfoliating helps slough off old skin cells and encourages growth of new, healthier cells. Exfoliate your skin (head to toe) at least twice a week, with a gentle chemical exfoliant on two other days. Don’t just focus on your face, either. A body loofah or scrub glove can work wonders for skin, as well!

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