9 Things That Will Be More Expensive In 2015



The economy is improving, but thanks mostly to droughts and increasing demand, prices are expected to go up on a few of our favorite things next year. Check out the slideshow to find out what’s likely to cost you a little bit more in 2015.

9. Coffee



Thanks to a drought in Brazil, coffee prices are expected to rise instead of drop. Kraft Foods estimates an increase of 9 percent on Maxwell House, Yuban, Gevalia, and McCafe K-Cup packs. Other big coffee brands, like Starbucks and Folgers, may also show a spike in cost.

8. Airline Travel



Blame this one on an improving economy. Despite the decrease in jet fuel cost, we’re likely to see an increase in ticket fare prices. More people buying tickets means less need for competitive pricing and deals, which are likely to be harder to come by in 2015.

7. Olive Oil



Italian olive growers faced a harsh drought this past year, decreasing olive oil production by as much as 37 percent in Italy. Spain, the top exporter of olive oil to the United States and Japan, also endured a drought that will result in markedly increased olive oil prices worldwide.

6. Movie and Game Rentals

The popular and convenient rental kiosk company, RedBox, has announced an increase in video game rental prices from $1 per rental to $3 per rental starting January 6, 2015. In addition, DVD rentals have already increased to $1.50 per day and $2 per day for Blu-Ray.

5. Shipping Fees



Beginning on December 29th, UPS ground, air, international and freight prices will increase by 4.9 percent. FedEx will also be raising prices beginning in January, with prices expected to increase by an average of 4.9 percent for most delivery services. On the upside, USPS has announced there are no expected postage increases coming this January.

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