9 Tips to Improve Your Look in One Minute (or Less)



There are plenty of beauty secrets that take time to pull off, but not every part of your beauty routine has to be time-consuming. Think hydrating your skin requires at least 20 minutes of sitting in a mask, or reducing fine lines requires weeks of dedicated eye cream use (or even Botox injections)? Think again! From a quick pore reducer to waking up with easy-to-manage hair, these nine super-simple beauty tips are for those of us who need a quick fix when time is of the essence. Keep reading to learn how you can up your beauty game in less than a minute!

9. Tighten Pores with Ice



This trick is great for quickly reducing the appearance of pores, reducing redness and minimizing puffiness at the same time. After your regular morning beauty routine, simply grab an ice cube and run it across your face, paying special attention to problem areas. Pores will instantly appear smaller and redness or irritation will virtually vanish right before your eyes. Just be careful not to leave the ice on one spot for too long! Follow up with your regular makeup routine and enjoy looking flawless in no time flat!

8. Decrease Puffiness with a Roller Ball



No matter how much sleep you get or how careful you are with your diet, you’re bound to wake up with tired, puffy eyes on occasion. Fix the problem quickly and easily by using an eye serum product with a metal roll-on applicator. Like the ice trick above, the metal roller gives a cooling effect that’s great for instantly reducing puffiness, and a good eye serum will contain plenty of great ingredients for keeping the puffiness at bay for the rest of the day. If you have dark circles along with that puffiness, try using an under-eye serum that doubles as a concealer or dark-circle reducer for even faster results!

7. Brighten Eyes with a Luminizer



Tired after a long, sleepless night? Instantly brighten up your eyes with a dab of bright, light-colored shadow or luminizer in the corner of each eye after applying your eye makeup. Simply dab your finger across the luminizer or shadow and press gently into the corners of your eyes. If necessary, gently blend the luminizer or shadow into the rest of your makeup. This trick will instantly make you look more awake and bright eyed in no time, and only takes a few seconds to pull off. Just make sure the shadow or luminizer you choose isn’t too sparkly or too white.

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