9 Ways to Avoid Cheap-Looking Hair Color



Coloring your hair can be an exciting and fun way to update your look, and doing your own color at home can certainly save you money, but at-home color does have a few pitfalls. While natural, vibrant color is possible with at-home kits, teetering over into the cheap and dull territory is pretty easy if you aren’t careful. With the right techniques, however, your at-home color can look as fabulous as an expensive salon color! Check out the 9 tips for flawless color!

9. Stay Close to Your Natural Shade



One of the biggest mistakes people make when coloring their hair at home is choosing a color that’s too light or too dark. Staying within one to two shades of your natural color is best and will look the most natural. For example, if you have medium brown hair and want to go darker, avoid the box of blue-black dye and opt for a deep chestnut brown instead. You’ll get the effect you want, without it coming off as cheap or poorly done. If you want more dramatic color, consider visiting a salon for advice, even if you end up coloring your hair at home later.

8. Go Easy on the Highlights



Well-placed highlights can be a great way to add dimension and frame the face, but poorly done highlights can become more of a distraction than an enhancement. Avoid overly-chunky highlights that can give you a ‘striped’ look, and be careful not to over-do highlights. Ideally, highlights should be subtle, so your hair looks natural and sun-kissed. Streaky blonde highlights all over the head doesn’t look good on anyone. Instead, choose a shade that’s one to two shades lighter than your hair color and add the color sparingly, starting as close to the roots as possible. For even more natural-looking highlights, opt for Balayage over foil.

7. Avoid Coloring the Roots too Dark



This is one of the most common mistakes people make when doing color touch-ups at home. The first instinct is to grab the exact same color you originally dyed your hair with and apply that to the roots. The problem is, hair at the roots is new and likely to soak up color much more quickly, which will leave your roots looking much darker than the rest of your hair. For a more natural touch-up, grab a shade lighter than your current hair color and use that on your roots, instead.

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