Beauty Busts: 11 Common Beauty Mistakes and How to Fix Them

6. Foundation Faux Pas

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying foundation is leaving a “mask” line from improper blending. If you wear foundation, always blend the makeup beyond your jaw line and down onto your neck until you can no longer see where the foundation ends and naked skin begins. This will give you a more natural, consistent look. Also, always make sure you’re using the proper color for your skin tone, to avoid that awful two-toned look!

5. Flaky, Dry Skin

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Flawless makeup begins with flawless skin – or at least skin that’s free from dry or flaky patches and blemishes. To get the most even coverage, always make sure your skin is well hydrated and exfoliated before applying your foundation. A quick cleanse with a mild scrub or coarse wash cloth is usually all it takes to wipe away dead skin cells that may cause problem areas. Don’t forget to moisturize and exfoliate your lips, as well!

4. Over Blushing

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Unless you’ve time-warped back to the 80s, blush should be applied subtly, with just a whisper of color. For light, even blush, gently swirl your brush across the color, tap lightly to get rid of any extra on the brush and then use a light, sweeping motion to apply. Start from the apples of your cheeks and gently sweep up toward your temples. If you happen to over-apply, use translucent powder to soften the look.

3. Using Too Much Foundation

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While using extra foundation may seem like a good solution to hiding blemishes and imperfections, too much foundation can actually accentuate problem areas, rather than hide them. Heavy layers will also make your face look caked and will exacerbate skin problems by clogging pores. As an alternative, spot treat your blemishes with a concealer beforeputting on foundation, and then go over your whole face with a light layer of foundation.

2. Fallout!

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Powdery shadows have a nasty habit of falling onto the cheeks or just below the bottom lids during application, especially when applied with a fluffy brush. If you’re using a light, shimmery powder eye shadow, this may not present much of a problem, but fallout from darker shades can instantly leave you looking like you’ve got big, dark circles under your eyes – or worse. To avoid eye shadow fallout, pat loose powder along your cheekbones and just under your eyes to catch the fallout. Once your eye shadow is on, simply brush away excess powder (along with any fallen shadow). Applying foundation after your eye shadow, instead of before, is another great way to avoid the unfortunate consequences of fallout.

1. Lip Liner Mishaps

Lip Liner


Lip liners can be great for keeping your lipstick where it belongs and creating a clean line. Applied incorrectly (or in the wrong shade), however, you’ll end up with an unsightly ring of lip liner as the focal point, instead of that great new shade of lipstick you love! To avoid ring-around-the-lips, use a liner that is similar to the natural color of your lips, or color your lips in with the pencil after lining and before applying lipstick. This will help your lipstick stay on longer and ensure you aren’t left wearing nothing but lip liner should your lipstick wear off before you have time for a touch up!

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