Culinary Magic: 7 Tips to Impress By Cooking Dinner



Want to impress your special someone with an intimate home-cooked dinner? If you’re not gifted in the kitchen, this may be easier said than done. Most of us didn’t go to Culinary School, let alone take home ec in high school. Learning to cook basic meals is easy enough, but if you want to impress your date, you need to make something that seems more than just basic. Keep reading for valuable tips on how to wow your mate with your culinary prowess.

7. Know Your Kitchen



Before you make an important dinner, learn about the tools in your kitchen’s arsenal. Maybe your oven is the kind that heats up fast and you need to dial back the heat 50 degrees on every recipe. If you haven’t used your oven very much, you can buy an oven thermometer. Check your stove top burners; do they all turn on? What kinds of pots and pans do you have? For those of us living older homes, getting a grip on the quirks of your kitchen will help to make sure your dinner is perfectly cooked.

6. Clean and Set



Before you cook, you have to clean. Clean your best dishes and serving plates. Definitely make sure all your cooking surfaces and pans and pots are spic and span. Clean the room where you’ll be eating. Make sure you have a table; very few impressive meals are eaten while balancing your plate on your knees, perched on a couch. Browse on Pinterest or blogs for ideas to make your table look cool or elegant.

5. Pick Your Dishes



There are nearly as many recipes on the web as there are pictures of cats with funny captions. Look for recipes rated easy but with luxurious, not every day ingredients like duck or salmon. If duck and salmon are every day to you, look for a recipe that prepares them in a novel way. Don’t just plan one dish; also prepare side dishes, salads, and dessert. You want to provide a complete experience.

4. Get the Ingredients



Write out a list. Check for substitutions or other names a spice can have. There’s nothing wrong with being that person in the grocery store on the phone to their grandmother trying to figure out what she means by “special salt.” But it’s helpful to know before you get there. If you’re really concerned about making the best impression, buy enough ingredients to make it twice. You want your meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit as fresh as possible.

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