Do You Suffer From an Eating Disorder?

5. Night Eating Syndrome

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People who have night eating syndrome eat normally during the day but then binge on junk food at night. It usually starts with a person who is preoccupied with eating healthy to the point of over-restricting food intake, resulting in cravings for fatty or sugary foods when nighttime rolls around.

4. Pica

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Do you know people who eat things that aren’t food? These items can include paper, dirt, chalk, paint chips and many other things. This disorder is known as pica disorder. Somewhere between 10 and 30 percent of children age one to six have pica disorder. Along with young children, those with developmental disabilities are most likely to suffer from this disorder. The craving for non-food items can be attributed to a nutrient deficiency, most likely in iron and/or zinc.

3. Rumination

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This disorder is characterized by the regurgitation of food, followed by more chewing. The condition is most common in infants, but may also occur with adults. The main warning sign of rumination is seeing the infant chew food long after the meal is over. Those who suffer from this disorder will not show disgust when regurgitating food, but find pleasure in the act of rechewing.

2. Orthorexia

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This condition is defined by a compulsive obsession of eating only foods that are healthy in nature. A suffering individual may spend most of their time thinking about what foods they can and can’t eat. A primary warning sign of orthorexia is a person who has a very short list of acceptable foods. The individual may refuse to eat anything that is prepared by someone else because of rigid preparation ritual expectations.

1. Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified



There are requirements for a person to be diagnosed into a specific eating disorder. If someone exhibits all of the symptoms except one of the requirements for a disorder, they will fall into the “eating disorders not otherwise specified”category. Eating disorders occur in individuals that are compulsively worried about gaining weight to the point of over-restriction. Disorders also happen for those who become addicted to salty and sugary junk-foods and those who binge-eat. Seek assistance if you or someone you know is suffering from one of the listed sleep disorders.

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