Elle Magazine Releases 2014 Women in Hollywood Issue

On the cover of next month’s issue of Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood issue are super celebrities Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey, and Zoe Saldana. The women, who each grace their own covers of the magazine, shared parts of their lives in the spotlight of Hollywood.

Photo: Courtesy of Elle Magazine

Photo: Courtesy of Elle Magazine

“My ambition shifted when I had kids in a way that I didn’t anticipate,” said Garner of the impact her family had on her acting career.”I became more ambitious for my life as a whole, and for that kind of health and happiness of the overall family unit. And that very much includes my husband and very much includes me. My husband is always the one saying to me, ‘You have to work, you have to work. This is part of who you are. We’ll figure it out.’ That’s powerful, when your partner has that serious mantra.”

Garner, who is married to Gone Girl actor Ben Affleck, has had three children with the actor.

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