6 Fun, Fit Activities To Do As A Couple



The fact that exercise is good for you is no surprise. Working out regularly can help reduce stress, allow you to sleep better and make your brain sharper, just to name a few, but did you know exercise can also be a lot of fun? It’s true! You can easily turn run-of-the-mill workouts into an adventure, and you definitely don’t have to do it alone! Working out with your spouse or partner can add an extra layer of fun to every workout! Exercising as a couple will not only help you both become stronger, happier and healthier, it can also work to strengthen the bond you share. Keep reading to find out the top six fun, fit activities to do as a couple!

6. Acroyoga Class



Acroyoga brings together acrobatics and yoga. In Acroyoga, there are three roles for students: base, flyer and spotter. You can support your partner as they stretch or perform inversions, and though it may seem like it, you don’t need to be exceptionally strong to pull it off. With the instructor’s help and proper placement, supporting another person is easier than you might think. You can also be the one upside down, as a flyer. Don’t worry that you’re too heavy to be held up, just about everyone can do Acroyoga! You may also opt to be the spotter, making sure everyone stays safe. Switching up roles and learning trust, plus stretching? A definite night of fun!

5. Bar Class



Maybe classes built around Pilates, yoga and ballet doesn’t sound like something most couples could get excited about, but even men who’ve trained with the Army have said barre classes were a tough workout! All these varieties of classes using the ballet barre emphasize strengthening your core muscles. These types of workouts are great for giving you long, lean muscles, and lean muscles and a firm core can pay off handsomely in many other couple activities.

4. Dance Class



Dancing together is always a fun activity. Taking a class in a specific kind of dance lets you learn some new moves while getting fit together! Dance classes can be found all over the place these days, from dance studios to community colleges and community centers. For people who feel awkward and uncomfortable on the dance floor, taking a class can be a chance to fail and then get better in the privacy of a dance studio. Later, you can take those smooth new moves out onto a dance floor for date night!

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