Glasses Are Back! 5 Boldly Stylish Eyewear Trends You’re Sure to Love!



Forget the thought that glasses make you look geeky. Unlike a couple of decades ago, glasses are now cooler than ever. If there’s anything that the hipster trend has shown, it’s that glasses can be super stylish. You don’t have to settle for frames that make you look homely or clash with your good looks. Instead, there are a number of trendy frames available right now that can help you look stylish, smart and attractive. Check out these 5 top trends in eyewear right now.

5. Colored and Patterned Frame Styles



One of the most popular styles for frames this year is glasses that feature multiple colors and patterns. Those who are a little more bold and fashion-forward have their pick of the litter when it comes to frames like these, with super bright hues and pastels framing lenses. If you’re a little conservative when it comes to colorful glasses, there are many more that feature more subdued color tones, such as moss greens mixed with mahogany, or baby blues mixed with chocolate browns. Many frames also focus solely on the arms to feature a little color and dimension for those preferring more subtlety but also wanting to stay on trend this year.

You can definitely expect colored frames to continue to be much more fashion savvy than their monotone counterparts well into 2015. Not just strictly colored frames, many of these glasses come with clear or translucent frame details that are very popular this year, particularly if they’re paired with vintage styling. Colored frames featuring one single bright color are further enhanced with unique and playful patterns, whether all over the glasses or only on the arms, for added style and fun.

4. Tall and Oversized Frames



While the short, thinned out frame shape has been popular for a long time now – especially for those with long or round faces – we’re starting to see a trend emerging in the way of taller, more oversized frames. Taller rims in particular have grown increasingly popular this year, particularly for women’s glasses. While there are still other flattering shapes in glasses, from circular to cat-eye, they all seem to have a common theme of featuring rims that are basically just as tall as they are wide. Although cat-eye and circular frames are definitely among the most popular and trendy this season, look for wayfarer-style frames, to keep your style on-point!

The oversized look that we were accustomed to back in the late 80s and early 90s have also been making a huge splash, with geek-chic becoming all the rage in the world of fashion. So dust off those old eyeglasses you might hate to love and channel your inner preppy school girl!

3. Cat Eye Glasses



The cat eye shape in eyeglasses has been reinterpreted for a new generation for those who love glasses. The new genesis of cat eye glasses is much more streamlined in shape and pattern, with Hollywood A-listers like Katy Perry and Mary J Blige being among the first to adopt this trend in eyewear. Many of the latest collections from glasses designers like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs offer stylish and highly flattering options in a variety of colors, frame thickness and lens sizes.

The rise of the 50s and 60s style in glasses has been on the rise for a couple of years now, with television shows like Mad Men bringing vintage fashion back to the limelight. The truth is, cat eye glasses are not only super trendy right now, but they have a certain cheeky femininity to them. These frames offer an outfit a much more retro-professional aura, especially when coupled with bold lips and bright nails.

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