10 Healthiest Cities in the United States



Which American cities have the most physically fit residents? The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) answered this question by surveying fifty of the nation’s largest metropolitan regions areas. Specifically, the survey weighed factors such as obesity rates, access to parks and the presence of fitness centers. In the cities ranked as the most healthiest, residents who were surveyed were more likely to describe themselves as both healthy and happy. Check out the ACSM’s list of the top 10 healthiest cities in the United States.

10. Washington, D.C.



Most people think of politics when someone mentions Washington, D.C. Who knew people in this town were so in shape? The capital city is filled with beautifully designed parks to accommodate walkers, runners and bicyclists. More than 80 percent of residents are physically active on a regular basis, which may explain why the city has the nation’s lowest heart attack rates.

9. Minneapolis-St. Paul



Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked second on this year’s index. The city has a lakeside and downtown park that is designed to satisfy the needs of athletic residents. Minneapolis-St. Paul also has the best scores for heart health among adults.

8. Portland



This Northwestern city ranked well in taking the third spot on the list. Portland boasts of being a city that allows residents to easily purchase healthy foods through numerous municipal programs. Portlanders are also known for walking, and the city has cultivated numerous trails along its riverfront and in the hills just west of downtown.

7. Denver



Denver is certainly one of the skinnier cities, with the majority of it population falling within the healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) category. What else would you expect from a city built amid the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, an absolute heaven for outdoor enthusiasts? The city also has the lowest cancer rates in the nation.

6. San Francisco

golden gate & san francisco under fog


Culture rules in San Francisco, which is partially why the city ranks so high on the list. Several studies claim that individuals who engage in cultural arts are more likely to develop more healthy habits, and San Francisco is proving those theories to be true. Remember, cities ranked near the top of the ACSM survey tended to have healthy and happy populations.

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