How Depression Affects Your Life

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Depression isn’t something that just goes away with positive thinking. It’s a complex mental health condition that can negatively impact all aspects of people’s lives. While some people overcome depression without help, most people need treatment in able to put their symptoms behind them. Unfortunately, many people with depression are reluctant to seek help, which allows their depression to get worse. Here are some of the ways in which depression commonly impacts people’s lives.

10. Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicide is the most alarming concern of people who suffer from depression. Some people who are depressed talk about suicide frequently. Meanwhile, other depressed individuals may think about suicide, but they never talk about it. Some people with depression inflict harm upon themselves, and self-harm may grow into suicidal attempts.

Suicide is a serious issue that should never be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

9. Frequent Lying and Dishonesty

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People who suffer from depression often fall into the habit of being dishonest. For some, telling lies is a defense mechanism to hide their true thoughts and feelings. For others, dishonesty can be the result of anger, disinterest or other negative feelings caused by prolonged, untreated depression. It’s common for people with depression to come up with stories to try to justify their unusual behavior or convince others that they’re not threats to themselves.

8. Social Isolation

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting some alone time, but people with depression often shed their social lives and lose themselves in isolation. When not at work or school, they may spend all their waking hours on the Internet, watching TV or playing video games. They can become engrossed in these activities and completely disinterested in hanging out with their friends.

7. Low Self-Esteem

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Depression doesn’t just affect people’s moods; it also makes people feel worse about who they are. People who are depressed tend to cope with diminished self-esteem in various ways, but this is often among the most noticeable signs that a person may have depression. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people if you feel depression is to blame for a loss of self-confidence.

6. Difficulty Sleeping

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People who are battling depression may also struggle to sleep through the night. Depression causes sleeping difficulties for various reasons, the simplest being that stress and anxiety from depression can make calming down difficult. Sleep can also be affected several other factors brought on by depression such as changes in eating habits and spending more time in front of television and computer screens.

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