How to Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship



Over time, it’s easy for your relationship to fall into a rut, no matter how much you love each other. Every day you sleep on the same side of the bed, head to work at the same time and even go to bed at set time. While your routine becomes comfortable, that day-to-day routine begins making your relationship feel boring and lackluster, but the relationship isn’t the problem. It’s time to break free of the repetitive routine and spice up your relationship. Every relationship needs attention and excitement to keep your love burning strong. Rescue your relationship from routine and boredom and spice it up with these essential relationship tips.

7. Keep Saying “I Love You”



Hearing those incredible words for the first time is so amazing. However, sometimes couples forget to keep saying “I love you” to each other as the years go by. To spice up your relationship, you need to keep saying “I love you” every single day. Make sure you show your love, too. Saying the words is important, but you need to be just as generous with non-verbal expressions of love.

6. Take a Break from Technology



Unfortunately, while technology offers many options that bring people together, it can push long-term couples apart. If you’re in the bedroom checking your email, watching television or checking up on Facebook, you aren’t being present in your relationship. When technology comes into the bedroom, your sex life often suffers. Spice up your relationship by making your bedroom a technology free zone. You’ll find that your sex life improves when you ban cellphones, computers, televisions and tablets from the bedroom.

5. Plan a Date Night



It’s tough to find time for each other when your schedules are packed with work and other responsibilities. If you have children, it’s even harder to find time for each other in your hectic, fast-paced lives. This means you have to start planning time together. Plan a date night once a week and write it on your calendar. Treat it as you would any other important event – don’t cancel it. Dress up for your date and use that time to reconnect.

4. Do Something New Together



Do something new or visit a new place together. Take a dancing class or a cooking class and enjoy the emotions that come with learning something new with each other. Experiencing the joy and excitement of a new place can remind you both of times you shared earlier in your relationship. Even breaking your usual routine and dining at a different restaurant can ignite the spark of romance.

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