Is Technology Damaging YOUR Relationship?



Technology has unquestionably made our lives easier and safer, but how has that affected our relationships? The persistent temptation to send a text message or check Facebook can easily interrupt quality time with your significant other. Access to technology also makes working from home much easier, and people can lose themselves in online pastimes such as gaming or watching movies.

Are you too absorbed by your tech to know whether your relationship might be suffering? Have we sacrificed contact with real, living things in our quest to get cutting-edge technology in our lives? To find out if this is true in your life, consider the questions in this slideshow.

4. Is Your Love Shared Through a Screen?



Are you always distracted by your phone? Do you try to respond to everything in real time? Do you spend more than an hour or so in front of screens at home? Do you text more than talk? Is instant communication keeping you from making plans? Are you too easy for others to get a hold of? Does it seem there’s always something “better” or “more important” going on somewhere else?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s fair to question whether your significant other may sometimes feel neglected because of your use of technology.

3. Can YOU Live Without Electronics?



Does the thought of turning off your cell phone, computer, or tablet put you in a panic? Deep down, does the thought of talking to a real live being face to face throw you? Do you feel the need to take care of all your email messages as soon as you get them?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, your relationship with technology may be damaging your ability to relate to others, including your significant other.

2. Unshared Experiences



Let’s look at electronics – cell phones, including smartphones; desktop computers; tablets; e-readers; video gaming devices. Solitary. One user. No face-to-face interaction. Can we humans pay attention to more than one thing at a time? And can we really connect with our significant others while we’re focused on our video games or smartphones?

1. Multi-Tasking Isn’t Real, but Ignoring Someone Is



No matter how good we think we are at multi-tasking, we’re really bouncing around really quickly from one thing to another. We’re still only paying attention to just one thing at a time. Getting attention is one way we measure how much we matter to others. Giving attention is how we signal to others how much they matter to us.

In a healthy relationship, there must be times when you and your spouse put down your electronics and spend quality time together. Otherwise, neither of you is getting the needed connection from the other.

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