Jeremy Renner Reveals His Love for Singing During Reddit AMA

Jeremy Renner, who did a Reddit AMA recently to promote his film Kill the Messenger answered questions from fans and included lots of fun tidbits, such as the fact that he was texting with Robert Downey Jr. during his AMA and that he would love to do a role where he could sing and act.


When asked about his love for singing, Renner simply said, “Oh, you know? I’m… trying to find time to actually do that. But will it ever happen? I don’t know. And I don’t know if I’d be ever interested in fully releasing it. I would rather find a role where I could sing, rather than switching to being a singer with an album. I think I’d rather stick to what I’m doing.”

Renner also mentioned that one of the most fun things to do with Samuel L. Jackson is to get him to say bad words, since he can make bad words sound so awesome.

Renner’s film Kill the Messenger opens October 10th.

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