8 Surprising Things That Happen During Pregnancy

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Women have been giving birth since the dawn of time, but that might not make you feel any more confident about navigating a pregnancy. Plenty of moms will offer unwanted advice and share their horrific experiences with you, but everyone experiences pregnancy differently and no two stories are alike. There is plenty of information available to you today, maybe too much, that was not available when your grandmother had children. Still, you’ll be plenty surprised by some of the things that happen to your body during pregnancy – things many women avoid discussing with each other. Here, we offer an inside look into some surprising (and completely natural) things that can happen during pregnancy!

8. Bodily Functions Gone Haywire

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Many women experience excess gas and even urine leakage during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones slow down digestion, allowing the body to absorb nutrients from food. Chances are, you’ll find yourself apologizing to a room full of people after they realize that obnoxious smell or loud BONK just came from you! Also, coughing or sneezing can suddenly make you pee your pants! Your growing uterus is pushing down on your bladder, which can cause uncontrollable urine leakage at the most inopportune moments. Try wearing a panty liner to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

7. Morning Sickness Isn’t Always In The Morning

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While commonly referred to as “morning sickness,” nausea and even vomiting can actually occur at any time of day. You may find that food you once loved is suddenly making you nauseous and sick. No matter how hungry you are, you’ll look at the food you were dying to eat moments ago and be disgusted by it! Some women only experience mild nausea while others have more severe nausea that should be addressed by a doctor for appropriate treatment.

6. Sex is Totally Okay!

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Many women are afraid to enjoy sex during pregnancy, worrying that vigorous sex might harm them or the baby. The good news is, you can have sex during pregnancy, as long as there are no complications. Sex during a healthy pregnancy will not harm the baby! Orgasms release Oxytocin causing small contractions in your belly, but these contractions are generally harmless and will not cause you to go into labor prematurely. Many woman report higher arousal during pregnancy, so go ahead and indulge yourself a little and have some fun! If you’re concerned or have any complications, talking to your doctor beforehand may help put your mind at ease.

5. The Ever-Expanding Bustline

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Throughout pregnancy, hormones cause the breasts to swell and enlarge. As your tummy grows and your breasts swell, you may need a larger cup and band size to accommodate your expanding bustline comfortably. Women who were smaller-breasted before may enjoy the newfound fullness, while women with larger pre-pregnancy breasts may dread the change. In either case, feel free to get rid of that underwire in exchange for a comfy sports bra or nursing bra. While an underwire is great for holding up a full bust, the wires can dig into your belly causing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

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