Myths and Facts About CrossFit

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Once practiced mainly by police academies and army boot camps, CrossFit is now a popular style of exercising used by scores of everyday people. Few other types of exercise offer such comprehensive workouts with virtually guaranteed results. However, though the term CrossFit is regularly thrown around in casual conversation, there are still a lot of misunderstandings about the sport. Here are a few points to help clarify what CrossFit is and what it is not:

Fact: CrossFit is a Whole-Body Workout

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Cross fit is a workout meant to address all areas of the body in one fitness routine. It combines cardio, core strength training, weight lifting, and gymnastics moves. The idea is basically not to let your body get too comfortable with any one routine or exercise. In essence, it keeps your muscles guessing and should give your whole body a thorough workout.

Myth: CrossFit Makes You Bulky

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Yes, there is weight lifting involved in CrossFit and yes, it is true that the CrossFit competitors you see on TV are quite large, but for the average person, CrossFit is not responsible for adding bulk. Don’t forget that CrossFit involves many different kinds of exercise, some meant to burn calories, others meant to tone and some meant to strengthen. Overall, unless you are drastically altering your diet and training to become a major competitor you will not turn into the Incredible Hulk from doing CrossFit.

Fact: CrossFit Raises Your Fitness Level in Many Ways

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Due to the fact that CrossFit enthusiasts participate in a wide variety of activities during a typical session, becoming a CrossFit devotee should boost your athleticism overall. You will likely become stronger, more coordinated and build your endurance. You very well may find yourself good at sports that you never thought you would play.

Myth: CrossFit is for Competitive People Only

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While it’s true that CrossFit is done alongside other people, it doesn’t mean that you should be comparing yourself to them during a workout. You are not trying to beat other people’s times or reps.  It is important to keep in mind that others are at their own unique levels and you are at yours. Keeping track of your own accomplishments and working to improve them is the only competition you need to worry about.

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