6 Dos and Don’ts of Checking Your Partner’s Cell Phone



It’s a no-brainer – looking through a person’s cell phone without permission is almost always a huge no-no, especially if that person is your significant other. But what if you have reason to believe your partner is up to no good, and his or her cell phone may hold the answer? You can learn a lot about people by checking through their cell phones. However, if your breach of privacy ever came to light, you could probably kiss your relationship goodbye. When should you risk crossing the line in order to quell your concerns?

6. Check Your Partner’s Cell Phone if You Fear for His or Her Safety



If you suspect your partner may be in danger, and checking his or her cell phone may be helpful, then you may have a strong case for doing so. These circumstances are rare, but they do exist.

5. Don’t Check Your Partner’s Phone Because You’re Jealous



Jealousy is never a good reason to violate your partner’s privacy. If you are checking simply because he or she flirts too much with a particular person, you should probably re-evaluate your relationship.

4. Check Your Partner’s Cell Phone if You’re Being Involved in a Lie



Many in this camp claim that it is the right of the partner in terms of full disclosure. This means that most people who think this way believe that you should let your partner know everything, even if you have been texting his or her best friend about how sexy they are. If you feel your partner is telling people lies about you or using you to help further their own lie, you may need to check their phone.

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