7 Simple Habits That Keep You Healthy

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Do you have friends or coworkers who always seem to be in shape even when they’re not hitting the gym as hard? The secret to consistently good fitness is cultivating healthy lifestyle habits to compliment what you do while exercising. Some of these habits are obvious; others, not so much. In order to help people improve and maintain their fitness, we’ve designed a guide that breaks down simple habits that can help you stay in shape.

7. Develop Healthier Morning Habits

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Do you have coffee every morning? Maybe you add two sugars? Simple habit changes can make a difference. If you normally use two sugars, change that to one. If you don’t use any sugar, drink half a cup of coffee. Coffee and sugar are stimulants that affects your metabolism and appetite throughout the day. The idea is to reduce either or both for a simple adjustment.

6. Keep Your Breakfast Simple

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Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself on savory breakfast foods. There is a fine line between a healthy meal and overeating. Consider an apple with peanut butter for a boost, or a quick bowl of granola for lasting energy. A couple of egg whites provide good protein. One dish, one serving, and keep it simple.

5. Carry Healthy Snacks

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Don’t be at the mercy of your hunger pangs. Instead, prepare some healthy snacks to carry around in small plastic bags. Try a handful of almonds, some mozzarella string cheese or a clump of baby carrots. Having access to quick and healthy snacks can eliminate cravings and steer you away from vending machines. Little bites throughout the day can also help you avoid overeating when sitting down for larger meals.

4. Listen to Music

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Motivation is a big problem for many people who are trying to get in shape, and an upbeat playlist can help fix that. How can you not get pumped for a workout by listening to “Eye of the Tiger”? If you have an mp3 player or smartphone, put it to use with a high-energy exercise mix. Go the extra mile and burn your fit-minded music to a CD for your car.

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