6 Signs Your Bra Doesn’t Fit (And How To Find One That Does)



If you find yourself tugging and pulling and cursing at your bra all day, chances are good you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly. Your bra should be comfortable and offer support in all the right places, even after extended periods of time. If you’ve got straps falling down or digging into your shoulders or if your bra rides up in the back constantly, you have a poorly-fitted bra! Shoulder and back pain are other common consequences of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right, especially in women with fuller breasts. Tired of the annoyance and pain of wearing an improperly fitted bra? Here are the top signs of a poor fit, and how to find the right one! You’ll be amazed at the difference a proper fit can make!

6. The Center Doesn’t Rest Against Your Sternum



One of the fastest ways to determine whether you’re wearing a properly fitted bra is to look at where the center gore (or the center of the bra) sits. In a well-fitted bra, the center gore will lay flat against the sternum, and remain flat against the skin, even when you move your arms around. If the gore isn’t laying flat, chances are good your bra doesn’t fit. If the center gore of your bra doesn’t lay flat, either your band size is too big, your cup size is too small, or both. Keep in mind that, in most cases, as your band size goes down, your cup size needs to go UP to ensure a proper fit. Try going down a band size (and up a cup size) until you find the perfect fit and the center gore of your bra rests firmly against the sternum, ensuring a correct fit and proper support.

5. The Wire Rests on Breasts Instead of Under Them



The wire of a properly-fitted bra should rest neatly and flat against the skin under the breasts and not cause any discomfort. If the wire lays on top of breast tissue, or if your breasts spill out from underneath the wire, your bra doesn’t fit properly. You may also have a fit issue if your underwire causes you any pain or discomfort. Many women find underwire bras uncomfortable simply because the fit of the bra is incorrect. When a bra fits correctly, underwires should not dig into your skin or cause irritation or pain, even after wearing for extended periods of time. In addition to a proper fit, make sure the bra you choose is of good quality, so underwires aren’t flimsy or poorly stitched into the bra itself. You’ll be amazed how comfortable a proper fit on a quality bra feels!

4. One Lump or Four?



Put on your bra with a fitted t-shirt or sweater, and take a look in the mirror from all angles. If you’ve got that dreaded quad-boob (or uni-boob) look going on, you’ve got an ill-fitting bra that’s probably too small in the cups or too large in the band (or both). Cup size is dependent on band size, so a 34D is larger than a 38D when it comes to cup sizes. Go look at bras of different sizes and you’ll see what we mean. Most women purchase band sizes that are too large and compensate with cup sizes that are too small, and that can lead to unsightly lumps in all the wrong places. A properly fitted bra will envelop and support the entire breast, with no tissue spilling out anywhere.

3. Space Inside the Cup



If the cups of your bra wrinkle or sag, or if you’ve got space between the edge of the bra and your breasts, your cup size is too big. The edges should lie flat against your skin, without a gap or any wrinkles anywhere. There are two ways to troubleshoot this problem. The first is to stick to the same cup size but go down a band size or two and see if that makes a difference. Make sure the band size you choose is snug and doesn’t move around easily, even on the loosest hook. If you have a proper band fit, try going down a cup size. Also, keep in mind that different body shapes are more suited to certain styles of bra. If all else fails, switch to a different style to see if you can find a better fit.

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