Skip the Wax! 6 Reasons You’ll Love Threading



Among all the cosmetic and grooming treatments that people undergo every day, removing unwanted hair is among the list toppers. While there are plenty of ways to remove unwanted hair in places like the upper lip, eyebrows, or armpits – such as shaving, plucking, waxing, or even laser treatments – many of them are either incredibly painful, super expensive, or just downright ineffective.

Emerging in the world of hair removal, particularly for the facial area, is threading. This method is increasingly becoming the hair removal treatment of choice for those looking to remove unwanted hair without the typical pain, expense, and inconvenience that comes with other methods. So forget about enduring messy, painful waxing sessions, and opt for threading instead! Here are six reasons why you should make the switch.

6. It’s Less Painful!



Clearly one of the biggest benefits of threading versus waxing is the fact that it is virtually pain-free. While waxing is enough to make a grown man cry, threading is much gentler on the skin, helping to remove unwanted hair without having to endure the agony of ripping hair out from its roots – and maybe even a few skin cells too. The reason that threading is not as painful as waxing is because the thread itself does not touch the skin during hair removal.

Considering how thin and sensitive skin is around the eyebrows and upper lip, any technique that pulls hair directly on the skin – like waxing – usually will cause a lot more pain. Each hair is individually removed, which drastically reduces irritation and pain. Imagine the freedom of not having your skin exposed to hot wax, only to have it rip your skin upon removal! Threading is a true lifesaver when it comes to a much less painful means of hair removal.

5. It’s Fast!



OK, waxing might be quick as far as getting rid of mounds of hair all at the same time, but there is still plenty of prep work involved, including the warming of the wax to the right temperature, and prepping the skin for the surge of pain that is to come. Tweezing your eyebrows is more accurate and precise as compared to waxing, but it can take what feels like eternity to get rid of all the unwanted hair one by one in the brow area, and it’s definitely near impossible to tweeze the minuscule hairs on your upper lip.

Threading, on the other hand, solves each of these problems by allowing multiple hairs to be removed all at once, or one by one, depending on the situation. The threading artist just weaves the thread through all the targeted hairs, gives the thread a tug, and voilà! The area is immediately free of pesky hair! This fast process can be continuously repeated until you achieve your desired eyebrow shape. You can literally have your brows taken care of in as little as 5 minutes with threading!

4. It’s Long Lasting!



Who says you have to rip off skin cells along with hair, or even burn hair follicles with expensive laser or electrolysis treatments in order to have long lasting effects? Threading is just as good – if not better – than waxing to help slow down the regrowth of unwanted hair. The reduction of dense regrowth is easily achieved with threading – every time you go in for a threading session, your hair follicles are lifted. Most of them will weaken, and even eliminate regrowth in the future. Thick, unruly eyebrows are successfully thinned out the natural way without being exposed to painful waxing or burning laser treatments.

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