State of the Union: 8 Questions to Ask About Your Relationship



Whether you’re casually dating or are in a serious relationship, there are dozens of questions you should ask your man to ensure your relationship is headed in the right direction. While no one is exactly alike and necessarily looking for the exact same things, certain fundamentals should be ideally established before you exchange vows at the alter. From kids, to family, to religion and beyond, keeping an open communication can help you keep on track to a solid union. Here are eight questions to ask your man about your relationship (and don’t forget to answer them yourself, too).

8. What Are Your Long-Term Goals?



Every man should have a plan for his life, no matter what avenue he chooses to take. A man who has a long-term plan not only shows you that he has taken the time to consider his goals, but it also gives you a chance to decide if this is the same path that you’d like to join your man on. Make sure that these long-terms goals are different than short-term ones. If they’re the same, odds are the guy really isn’t planning. Once you’ve got this kind of info, you can decide whether or not you want to attach yourself to him over the long run.

7. What Are Your Views on Relationships?



Regardless of what type of relationship it is – with family members, friends, even God – find out if these bonds your man has are strong. A man’s relationship with his mother, for instance, is the most important. If there is a bad relationship – or none at all – this could be a red flag. If the bond has been tainted somehow, it’s important for you to determine what the problem was, and if he has the potential to taint his relationship with you too. If he is incapable of loving his mother, his daily, his friends, or even God, he might have a harder time loving you too.

6. What Do You Think about Me?



Sounds like a trick question, right? Yet how your man responds to this can give you a rest deal of insight into the kind of impression you’re making on him. After you ask this question, listen very carefully to how he replies. You might be surprised at how open and detailed he is in his response. If you have left a good impression on him, he should have no problems saying, ” I think you’re great. I think you’d make a fabulous wife and mother. I think you’re very ambitious and independent.”

5. What Do You Feel about Me?



Sounds like question #3, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s quite different. In the majority of cases, how a man feels about you will be very different than what he thinks of you. If your man has been thinking seriously about you, he should be able to answer this question with no qualms. He might say things like, “I feel like you’re the one for me,” “I feel like I miss you when you’re not around,” or “I feel like you’re someone who I can share my dreams with.” These are the types of answers you’re looking for.

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