5 Best Toyota Deals of 2015

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Toyota is one of the largest and most respected auto manufacturers around the globe. From the Camry to the Corolla to the Prius, Toyota has found new ways to engage and motivate car enthusiasts for dozens of years. For 2015, Toyota has rolled out some exciting new models, setting the bar for affordable vehicles that are luxurious, efficient and reliable. Here are five of the latest gems being offered by the Japanese auto giant.

Avalon Hybrid

Hybrids cars are all the rage in 2015, and Toyota now offers a hybrid version of its classic Avalon model. The new Avalon Hybrid was ranked third on the list of top 10 Affordable Large Cars by US News. The car pleases drivers with its comfortable ride, top-quality interior, and great fuel economy. Some argue that the car isn’t the most engaging car in its class, but where it lacks in innovation it makes up for it in style. It has one of the best interiors in its class, and is top-ranked in safety. Standard features include a rearview camera, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, and Toyota’s own Entune Audio Plus system, which includes a 6-inch touch screen, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and HD Radio.

Camry Hybrid

Camry has been the best-selling car in America for 11 of the last 12 years. It’s easy to see why. Not only is the price great – it was named the second-most affordable mid-sized car by US News – but the 2015 model comes with a responsive powertrain, a roomy cabin, and straightforward tech features. Us News also ranks it as the 2015 Best Hybrid Car for the Money. You’ll get more bang for your buck with this dreamy automobile, with its 43/39 city/highway mpg. This hybrid transitions seamlessly between gas and electric power at speed and the updated suspension system helps the Camry Hybrid deliver composed handling and a compliant ride.

Prius C

The smallest and least-expensive member of the Prius Family is back and it has been updated. While other Prius models range in price from $24-26k, the Prius C comes in at about $19k. It manages big fuel economy and uses a downsized version of the iconic Prius’ gas-electric powertrain. Big fuel economy means it gets a whopping 50 mpg combined. It possess a larger interior inside than other cars in the subcompact segment. It is one of the most communicative vehicles in the Prius family when it comes to handling, and it offers enough feedback to keep the drive comfortable. It is agile and suited for tight parking spaces, making it the perfect vehicle for both country commuters and city-dwellers alike.


While not a hybrid, Toyota offers an impressive deal with the 2015 Corolla. A Toyota staple for decades, the Corolla has undergone an elegant transformation, culminating in the roll-out of this new model. Critics have said that while the Corolla offers only modest acceleration, it features copious rear legroom and user-friendly controls. The 2015 Corolla makes for an amazing commuter car with its 30+ mpg and satisfying and comfortable drive. The Corolla comes in a handful of trendy colors with three interior trim combinations. Best yet, this go-getter comes in at under $20k.


Since the launch of the Yaris, Toyota has provided the country with a trendy-looking car with remarkable fuel efficiency. From day one, the Yaris has provided better fuel efficiency than most other gas-powered vehicles in its class. For 2015, Toyota made the Yaris even more suave and Euro-influenced, resulting a visually appealing car for a fraction of the price. The cabin is larger and more stylish than in previous year models, and an increase in practicality amounts to significant improvement for the Yaris. The dash has modern horizontal, shelf-like lines and the controls are simple, cheerful, and easy to understand. The Yaris benefits from a bevy of built-in storage spaces in the form of trays, cupholders, and bins. The 2015 model is 20 pounds lighter this year than last year, and is one of the lightest subcompacts on the market. Softer springs, a stiffer torsion beam in back, and stiffer shock altogether amount to much-needed engineering improvements.

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