The 5 Easiest Mountains to Climb



Is climbing a mountain on your bucket list? Even those who aren’t experienced mountain climbers can take on the task if they know where to look! Though even the easiest mountains aren’t for the faint of heart, with plenty of preparation and know-how, you’ll be on your way to the top before you know it! If you’re looking for some great places to climb, check out our list of the five easiest mountains for beginners!

5. Gray’s Peak in Denver, Colorado



Grays Peaks in Denver, Colorado sits at an elevation of just over 11,000 feet to a summit elevation of just over 14,000 feet. The hiking trip to and from the peak is about eight and one quarter miles round trip. Hikers should consider taking four hours up and two hours down. Even though this mountain is for the beginner hiker, it will look like a high prospect to tackle. This mountain bridges over to another mountain known as Torry’s Mountain, but as a beginner you’ll want to keep your climb simple until you get more experienced with climbing and elevation.

4. Mt. Bierstadt Near Denver, Colorado



If you’re hoping to make your first hike alone or take your family out for a day-long hike, Mt. Bierstadt near Denver, Colorado offers an easy and beautiful hiking experience! Mt. Bierstadt offers an easy trail for beginners and a more difficult trail for experienced hikers, and hikes can take anywhere from one to six hours, total. Hike out and back for a distance of one to seven miles. The elevation goes up to 2,400 feet and the best time to hike Mt. Bierstadt is in the late Spring or early Fall. Before hiking Mt. Bierstadt, study the trails and decide how long of a trip you want to tackle. Overnight camping is available to those who want an extended hiking experience!

3. Trailhead Mountain Near Denver, Colorado



Trailhead Mountain elevates to nearly 12,000 feet, with a summit elevation of a bit over 14,000 feet. Hiking Trailhead offers a seven-mile round-trip hike. This hike takes two hours up the trail and about one hour down the trail. Solo hikers, families and dogs are welcome on the trail. Just when you think you’ll never reach the top, the sky opens up to breathtaking views. For beginner and experienced hikers alike, Trailhead Mountain is a must-climb!

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