The Best Beaches Around the Globe



Envision relaxation, and you’re likely to see yourself on a sunny, sandy beach. Imagine the sounds of the waves, the warmth of the sun and the feeling of a crisp, cool drink in your hand. There are many reasons why vacationers travel to beaches around the world; some are drawn by surfing, snorkeling, diving or crabbing, while others seek beaches to enjoy sun-drenched peace and quiet. Celebrities go to the best beaches in the world to be and be seen. Tourist seek the world’s most renowned beaches to forge memories that last a lifetime. Check out our list of the five best beach destinations on the planet.

5. South Beach

Miami Beach in Florida with luxury apartments and waterway


South Beach, situated on the Atlantic coast of Miami, Fla., is legendary for being the nation’s biggest party spot for college students during spring break. The location is packed with beachfront clubs and hotels, and the bards go right up to the edges of the white, sandy beaches. Mango’s Tropical Bar is one of the most popular spots!

4. Plage de St. Jean



The French Caribbean is a premier beach location and celebrities are often seen playing at Plage de St. Jean. This beach is both beautiful and exhilarating. Planes take off and land from one of the world’s shortest runways near this gorgeous beach. It may not be one of the quietest beaches on Earth, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful spots for a dreamy vacation. Plus, if you make it this far, there are plenty of other European attractions nearby.

3. Paradise Beach



Paradise Beach is a sunny, Greek getaway unlike anywhere else on the globe. Located on the Aegean Sea and close to Mykonos, Greece, people flock to this beach to party in paradise while soaking in the sun or the sea’s warm waters. Paradise Beach is home to monthly full-moon parties, and the local Tropicana Beach Bar is famous among seasoned travelers. It is an elegantly gorgeous location that should be on your vacation bucket list.

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