The Best Celebrity-Inspired Fragrances


Women often identify with celebrities they admire, and one way to show this is by gravitating toward celebrity-trademarked fragrances. Many of the entertainment industry’s leading women have sponsored lines of perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics. Elizabeth Taylor was the queen of identifying with fragrances and made numerous television commercials touting them. Check out this slideshow to see which of today’s famous entertainers have the most revered fragrances on the market.

4. Katy Perry: Killer Queen

Katy Perry is known for her unusual life and her style living it, and two of her perfumes – Killer Queen and Purr Purfume – reflect her persona. Killer Queen is a vibrant fragrance with a jewel-toned perfume bottle and a unique, heady blend of sweet woody scents. Inspired by the timeless Freddie Mercury song, Killer Queen is designed to convey feelings of power and attraction. Purr Purfume, on the other hand, is more of a hit among younger girls and tweens. The heartbeat notes of Purr include rose, jasmine and freesia.

3. Jennifer Lopez: Glow

Jennifer Lopez is famous for many reasons – her talents, her body and her work on stage and on camera. She’s also known for her line of perfume. A wildly popular debut scent, J. Lo’s Glow set the benchmark and led the way for celebrity trademark fragrances. The light floral fragrance blends orange blossom with the harmonizing scents of neroli orange blossom water and the citrus grapefruit. The best part about Glow is it can be worn anytime.

2. Beyonce: Heat

Beyoncé’s first fragrance, Heat, is like Beyoncé herself, unique, sexy and chic. The color of the perfume flacon and liquid is Beyoncé’s favorite color, red. Top fragrances in Heat are full waves of red-colored vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. A passionate breath of honeysuckle, almond and cream fills it, while sequoia, tonka and crystal amber soothe. It is Beyoncé.

1. Lady GaGa: Fame

Lady Gaga doesn’t just wow people on stage, she also does it with her perfumes. Catch that special man’s attention just by walking by with Fame, the stage diva’s captivating scent. Lady Gaga’s Fame entices with strains of honey, apricot and incense. A rich blend of floral notes with belladonna, jasmine samba and orchid brings you around for another breath. Exciting and bold like her, Lady Gaga Fame eau de parfum presents itself in an elegantly bottled black perfume that becomes invisible upon touching your skin.

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