The 4 BEST Exercises to Improve Your Fitness

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Getting fit is the key to good health for people of all ages. People who adopt appropriate exercise regimens to improve their fitness levels generally feel better while experiencing fewer health problems. A great exercise plan includes aerobic exercises to promote heart fitness, strength exercises to build muscular endurance and tone, and flexibility exercises to help prevent painful injuries. Here are some of the best types of exercise anyone can do to get and stay in shape.

4. Aerobic Exercises

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According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people should begin with a warm-up for five to 10 minutes to stretch and loosen muscles, tendons and ligaments. After you warm up, spend 30 to 45 minutes of continuous aerobic exercises. Spend the last 10 minutes of each workout gradually slowing your pace, allowing the body cool down and recover with minimal soreness or tightness. The best aerobic exercises include swimming, walking, jogging, bike riding and dancing. People should do aerobic exercise three to five times per week.

3. Exercises to Increase Strength and Endurance

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Some people pump iron just to get bigger muscles, but bulk isn’t always the best way to go. Exercises that make you stronger while also building muscular endurance are far more beneficial. Try fast-paced lifting with more repetitions to increase strength and stamina at the same time. Do compound exercises such as pull-ups, pushups, squats or step-ups that work more than one muscle group at a time. Also, continually change up your routine to keep your body guessing. Doing these things will boost your metabolism as well as your strength and endurance.

2. Easy Workouts to Stay Active



Don’t spend all day sitting at home or at work. If all you can do is get out and walk, then do it. Walking, jogging and bike riding are simple things you can do to keep your body moving and the heart pumping. Even short bursts of activity throughout the day can keep your body loose while maintaining a higher metabolism.

1. Interval Training Exercises

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Interval training keeps workouts interesting while helping people make more dramatic improvements to their fitness levels. Successful interval training requires more intense bursts of exercise with periods of rest in between. This can mean walking on the treadmill with intervals of running, or switching between kettle bell workouts with jogging or sit-ups in between. These exercises fuel strength and endurance gains while also improving your cardio fitness. Interval training is difficult, but the results are undeniable.

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