5 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Shades for Brown Eyes



If you have pretty hazel or brown eyes, you want to play them up as much as any girl with green or blue eyes would – especially for a date night, girl’s night or any other special occasion. However, you may not know how to effectively use bright palettes to create your sexy, smoky eyes. If you’re stumped on which shades of makeup look good for your peepers, try these hues. They’ll ignite the color of your eyes and have everyone’s attention on you.

5. Blue



While blue-eyed girls may look a little washed out by using blue eye shadow, you can pull it off wonderfully. Try a cobalt or royal blue color to look like a showstopper. As Makeup Geek notes, when you apply blue eye shadow, the shade manages to make the rest of your eyes that much whiter. That gives you a rather large-eyed look that you’ll love to recreate again and again.

4. Copper/Brown



You may think that there’s no way that you can possibly use copper or brown eye shadow with your brown eyes without it looking totally boring. The key is where you apply the shadow. Allure Magazine recommends dusting on a bit of eye shadow near the outer edges of your eyelids. Makeup Geek has another suggestion, and that’s to blend the brown or copper color with another hue such as green or even more blue eye shadow. This livens up the color a bit and prevents your look from becoming stale.

3. Green



If you’ve ever put together an outfit with hints of green and brown in it before, then you know how beautiful that these two earthy hues look when combined. Take this look to your face by using some green eye shadow. Watch out that you don’t choose an electric green color for everyday wear, as this can look a little extreme. Instead, more rustic, forest greens look better. Allure even suggests that you look for a palette that mixes green with subtle flecks of gold.

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