The 10 Best US Cities for Raising a Family

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Looking for the best place to raise a family? From outdoor recreation to job opportunities, school rankings and crime rates, there are several American cities that stand out as ideal for families. Of course, finding the city that suits you and your family best will come down to personal preference, but we’ve found these ten cities have a little bit of something that everyone will love! Did your favorite city make the list? Check out the slideshow to find out!

10. Omaha, Nebraska



The name Omaha means “Those going against the wind or current” and to this day Omaha lives up to that name. From the scenic tree-lined trails winding their way through the city to the beautiful parks and gardens located alongside the trails, Omaha is arguably one of America’s most beautiful cities. Situated along the Missouri River, there is always something new to discover in Omaha! For those looking for career opportunities, Offutt Air Force Base Omaha and the University of Nebraska are two of the city’s major employers, and medical professionals will find plenty to choose from, as well.

9. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines


Des Moines is ideal for those in the financial services or healthcare field, with Wells Fargo and Principal Financial topping the list of major employers, along with several health insurance companies that call Des Moines home. Combined with a wonderful public school system that gives students many sporting and club opportunities and the city’s top-ranking cuisine, Des Moines is one of the best places for young professionals to raise a family. From museums and festivals to opera and theater programs, the arts culture is the true hidden gem of Des Moines, so you’ll never lack enriching entertainment after a long day at the office!

8. Boise, Idaho



Surrounded by scenic mountains, Boise has plenty of mountain biking and kayaking opportunities that are just minutes away from the city. After spending a day enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery, the city life offers even more. With the contemporary theater, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and many other art programs, there is quite a lot for families to enjoy! The Boise public school system ranks in the top five in the nation, and college-bound students will find Boise State University has plenty to offer, as well. With health Care, manufacturing and education driving Boise’s economy, there is a great balance between cost of living and average income that makes Boise ideal for young families.

7. Provo, Utah

Provo UT


Provo has become one the fastest-growing technology hubs of the nation, and with Novell, Adobe, and BYU there are plenty of job opportunities available for tech professionals. A quick drive up to the Wasatch Mountains will find Bridal Veil Falls and Timpanogos Cave, and there is plenty of fishing along the Provo River for a quick weekend get-away. Provo also hosts the annual Freedom Festival and is home to the Peaks Ice Arena, which was used during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics!

6. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington VT


Located near Lake Champlain, Burlington offers plenty of year round activities for families to enjoy. It is home to the University of Vermont and has the Farm 2 School program which takes students on field trips to local farms. It also has a free after school ski program, plenty of parks, and farmer’s markets. For those in the computer or healthcare industries, Burlington is an ideal place to raise a family! Several tech and healthcare businesses, along with the University of Vermont, employ a good majority of the city. There are many wonderful activities for families to enjoy in the city, as well. From festivals to theater and symphony, Burlington is brimming with arts and culture!

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