The Many Batmen of Batman


Batman has been around since 1939. June 1939! First appearing in Detective Comics #27 (Robin wouldn’t show up until a year later), Batman was the second, official superhero after Superman.  A creation of two young men, Bob Kane and Bill Finger (only Kane gets credit, he being the better negotiator), Batman was first portrayed by an actor in 1943, 23 years before the famous TV series. This interpretation, in baggy wool and silk cape may have lacked the rubber muscles and Batmobile (Batman and Robin were driven around by Alfred in a convertible) but it’s the first. Every version though, has it charm.

Many, many men have worn the cowl, or have voiced the character over the decades, more than you probably know. Here’s a rundown of most of them, some of whom have not been identified. Who will be next for the tights, rubber suit or Kevlar?

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Racist Batman



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