Top 10 Signs You’ve Found Mr. Right



Searching for Mr. Right often feels like finding a needle in haystack. Many women spend years looking, only to be rewarded with dead ends and frustration. The key to finding Mr. Right isn’t to burn precious time and energy while doing so. Rather, recognizing when Mr. Right happens to step in front of you is a much more thrilling (and less agonizing) path to a happy, lasting relationship.

10. Eye Contact



You can learn a lot about a man’s intentions by the way he looks at you. A man who is interested and confident will look you in the eye during conversation, though he may shy away a few times if it’s the first time you’ve met. You can also tell if he’s interested by seeing if you catch his eye before you’ve met. When you find a man catching a few glimpses of you when you’re first getting to know one another, this is a great sign that dating could be possible.

9. Open Body Language



When a man is interested you, he wants you to know it! A man who is comfortable with you is likely to sit with his legs open and his toes facing you. One of the most common methods of determining whether a guy is into you is to check his stance, where his feet are pointed and whether his stomach is facing you during conversation. The stomach is among the most vulnerable spots on the body, and a man who isn’t folding his arms to subconsciously hide his stomach probably wants to give you some attention.

8. He Randomly Checks Up on You



Mr. Right is not a jerk. He will text you, call you or simply check up on you, even in the beginning of the dating phase. A man who is not interested in seeing you again is likely to ignore you or take the cowardly way out by not coming forward with his true feelings. If a guy you recently met doesn’t seem too interested in following up with you – or if he disappeared completely – then you probably dodged a bullet.

7. Making Time for You Without Excuses



Mr. Right may be spontaneous at times, but he’s also not incapable of making plans. Mr. Right has no problem making and keeping commitments with you, because he knows you’re worth it and he doesn’t want to waste your time. While he craves his alone time, he also cherishes quality time with you. Men who can’t keep their dinner commitments aren’t likely to excel with more serious commitments.

6. Your Needs Are His Priority



Being in a successful partnership requires more than simply saying “I love you” and sharing gifts for anniversaries and holidays. When you are with Mr. Right, you’ll want to make his happiness a priority in your life, and he’ll want to do the same for you. There’s a difference between being co-dependent and wanting to make each other happy; the difference is acting out of selflessness, and not because you need each other around in order to feel complete.

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