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Well, this is it. You’ve finally met the perfect woman. You are seized with that golden haze of bliss produced by the early stages of true love, and you have never been happier. However, at some point you are going to have to undergo a difficult test for the sake of your lady love: the scrutiny of her parents.

Yet this does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience. If you go prepared, you can end up being master of the situation. Below are 10 tips that will enable you to be equipped for this fateful first meeting.

11. Prepare For Battle



Every battle requires the appropriate armor, so make sure you ask your girlfriend about her parents beforehand. She wants you to make a good impression as well, so leave no stone unturned! Form a basic outline of their personality (are they reserved, noisy, quiet, or outgoing) and then adapt accordingly. Find out what they like, where they have traveled, their jobs, etc.

10. Where to Meet



It is always better to meet at a neutral location (such as a restaurant). At the family home you are clearly the “outsider,” whereas in a restaurant or cafe, everyone meets as equals. It is also worthwhile to note that in public, people are on their best behavior. This reduces the possibility of serious confrontations and disagreements.

You should also insist on paying for your own food. Arrange this with the waiter beforehand so that everyone can avoid the awkwardness of deciding who will pay for what at the end of the meal. However, if her parents insist on paying, let them. The point is to make them as comfortable as possible.

9. Dress Like You Care



People judge one another based on appearance. Your girlfriend’s parents are no exception. It won’t matter if you save a puppy every week or if you happen to have five degrees. If you look like you haven’t shaved in a month and a half, you will be written off as a bum who is not good enough for their little girl.

Remember that you are going to meet someone special, so don’t appear in ripped jeans and a T-shirt. However, you should not dress too formally either (don’t show up in a tux). Wear something clean, casual, and respectful, such as jeans and a collar shirt.

8. Be Punctual



Tardiness will cause her parents to dislike you before you even appear; your lateness suggests that you are not serious about them or their daughter. Plus, it’s just bad manners. Her parents deserve the best, and you owe it to them to respect their time. You should even attempt to arrive a few minutes early.

When you arrive and are officially introduced, it is better to be “overly” polite. Greet them by their surnames unless you are told otherwise (some parents will prefer this kind of formality, while others are more casual, and may request that you call them by their first names).

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