15 Cities You Should See In Your Lifetime

Hong Kong Night View


If you’ve got big dreams of traveling to all the best cities in the world, have we got a list for you! From rich culture and friendly locals to stunning architecture and great shopping experiences, these cities stand out above the rest. Don’t assume you need to book an overseas flight to visit all of them, either. Many are located right here in the United States! Of course, if you’re looking to travel abroad, you’ll have plenty to choose from there, as well. From Istanbul to Savannah, there’s something here for everyone! When you’re ready to set off and see the world, these are the cities that should definitely not be missed.

15. San Francisco, California

golden gate & san francisco under fog


Home of the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco has plenty of interesting sights and sounds. San Francisco is a relatively small community, rich in ethnic diversity. For example, Chinatown is one of its most mentionable sights to experience firsthand. As you walk around Chinatown, you will become enthralled in the variety of sights, smells, sounds and tastes you find there. While you are in San Francisco, have a little fun and visit the famous prison on Alcatraz Island.

14. New Orleans, Louisiana

rue de la nouvelle Orleans,  calèches


New Orleans is simply unlike any other place in the country. Its unique restaurant industry has a well-deserved reputation. A rich cultural history combined with a wide variety of entertainment possibilities makes New Orleans a must-see experience. Its vibrant community of musicians and artists give the city a personality of its own. New Orleans has more registered historic places than any other city in the United States. New Orleans is also where jazz music was born and it is proud to continue the tradition!

13. Savannah, Georgia

Waterfront Savannah Historic District at night


Majestic architecture is what the town of Savannah, Georgia is known for. You may remember what Savannah looks like from the Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump. Savannah has quaint, cobblestone streets which are meant to be traveled by foot. Its streets are covered by a lush canopy of trees. In the springtime, the colorful azaleas open up and make the city look lovely, and when the wisteria, dogwood and jasmine trees come into bloom, an intoxicating fragrance is enjoyed all around the city.

12. Charleston, South Carolina

Pineapple Fountain Charleston South Carolina Waterfront Park


Welcome to the charming town of Charleston, South Carolina! One of the South’s best-preserved cities, Charleston is full of beauty and grandeur. Inhale the scent of magnolia-filled gardens while riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the city. Pass through block after block of beautifully-restored architecture with an abundance of church steeples. Charleston’s collection of century-old mansions and townhouses give visitors a taste of the best the south has to offer.

11. Vancouver, Canada



Rated on a regular basis as one of the world’s “Most Livable Cities,” Vancouver is home to a young, cosmopolitan population. Its immediate proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes it an ideal Canadian spot for beach-goers. Beautiful gulf islands are located slightly to the west. As a lovely contrast, you will see snow-capped mountains to the North. This unique combination of natural elements is one reason Vancouver is so appealing. Home to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver offers a skyline that is quite impressive, especially when seen at night!

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