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Changing the oil in your car is a necessary and important part of car ownership. Following the recommended maintenance schedule can help your car run more smoothly, save you money on gas and maintenance and considerably extend the life of your vehicle. Getting your car’s oil changed regularly can get expensive, however, so having coupons handy that allow you to keep your car happy for less money is a great way to save some of your hard earned cash. Below, you’ll find the top four oil change coupons available right now!


Valvoline regularly offers oil change coupons to consumers, both online and through mailers, usually aimed at saving you a few dollars on both their standard oil change and synthetic oil change. Currently, Valvoline is offering $7.00 off Valvoline’s Full Synthetic or Synthetic Blend oil change, and $5.00 off a Conventional oil change. Both options offer up to five quarts of oil and a basic maintenance check. Coupons are available online to print, or can be presented at the time of purchase using your mobile phone or tablet. Contact your local Valvoline or visit them online to view the latest coupons, discounts and promotions!

Valvoline has over 850 service centers nationwide and prides itself of speedy, dependable service, every time. Use the drive-thru oil change service to save time! Coupons are not good at every location, so call ahead to find out if your local Valvoline accepts your coupons!


Firestone has been a trusted name in automotive care for decades, and may people rely on the fast, friendly service to keep their cars running strong. Firestone is currently offering a coupon that will get you a standard, synthetic blend oil change for just $19.99, which includes up to five quarts of synthetic blend oil, new oil filter installation and a free electronic battery analysis to make sure your battery is running strong. Contact your local Firestone or visit them online to view the latest coupons, discounts and promotions!

Firestone also offers several other coupons and discounts, both online and through mailers, to help you save on other routine maintenance for your vehicle. Contact your local Firestone for more information.


Midas offers special coupons based on location to ensure you get the coupons that work best for your area. You’ll commonly find oil change coupons for significant discounts on basic oil changes, with costs between $19.99 and $24.99 per oil change, with coupon.

Midas also offers several other car maintenance discounts and coupons, including tire rotation and repairs, brakes and brake repair, car heating and A/C services, and more. Contact your local Midas for more information!

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube has been a trusted name in oil changes for years, and they are almost always offering coupons and discounts to help save you money and earn your business. Jiffy Lube is currently offering $5.00 off their Signature Service® oil change, with coupon. Coupons are frequently available on the Jiffy Lube website or in weekly mailers, so check back often for more coupons and promotions!

In addition to oil changes, Jiffy Lube also performs several other routine maintenance services, including brake service, heating and A/C service, alignments, drivetrain services, fuel system services, tire rotations, transmission service and more. Contact your local Jiffy Lube to learn more about oil changes, other services and any current offers and promotions!

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