Top 5 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate

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Most people think of chocolate as a guilty, decadent pleasure that is anything but healthy, but recent studies have shown that dark chocolate in particular has a surprising number of health benefits. So don’t feel guilty about treating yourself and those you love to a chocolate treat now and then — it’ll taste terrific and help keep you fabulous! Here are just five ways that deliciously delectable chocolate can help your heart, your brain, and your overall quality of life.

5. Chocolate is Brain Food



Move over, fish — chocolate is rapidly becoming the new favorite of brainiacs the world over. A recent study proved that people who drank two cups of cocoa per day for a period of 30 years were 30 percent quicker on the cognitive draw than their non-cocoa drinking counterparts — so drink up, and make sure the kiddies get their fair share as well to keep them sharp for school.

4. Chocolate Reduces Stress

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You already realize this, but it’s nice to know that science now agrees. A Swiss research team recently discovered that participants who consumed just 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate per day experienced a significant reduction in cortisol levels.

3. Chocolate is Good for the Heart

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If you’ve ever presented a box of gourmet chocolates to a sweetheart, you probably already know what chocolate can do for the heart — but it can also provide heart-healthy antioxidants known as polyphenols, which reduce the bad cholesterol that can cause cardiovascular problems. These antioxidants also help guard against cancer.

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