Top Hair Trends for Thirty-Somethings

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Women in their 30s are often experiencing the busiest decades of their lives. Their careers start booming, dating becomes more serious, and many are starting families. While certain styles were ideal in the teen years and 20s, hairstyles need to keep up as women hit their 30s. No matter your skin tone, face shape or hair type, there is a hairstyle out there to suit you. Take the opportunity to try out one of these hot hairstyle trends that will keep you looking youthful and sophisticated.

6. Tousled Layers

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Women who are in their 20s are more likely to try the trendiest hairstyles. However, many of these hairstyles can be damaging for many hair types. When you reach your 30s, letting your hair do its own thing and not overdoing it in the heating, product and styling department is more important. Medium-length hair is the ideal length to pull off a wavy, tousled look, particularly if you’ve got a square or heart-shaped face, or if you’ve got fine or coarse hair. Layers should start at the chin, making the waves look more bouncy. Hollywood stars like Zoey Saldana and Selena Gomez show us how its done when it comes to natural-looking tousled hair.

Long, soft waves are effortless, especially if you already have long and naturally wavy hair. Simply adding a styling product to lightly define your waves can help you achieve this look in minutes. Those with long, naturally straight hair can achieve the wavy look by wrapping sections of the hair around a curling iron barrel or by using large rollers. You can even use your fingers and a light-weight styling product to give your hair the tousled effect.

5. Youthful, Soft Bangs

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Bangs offer a fabulous way to camouflage any tiny forehead wrinkles that may start to emerge on women when they hit their 30s. While thick, blunt bangs are more edgy and harsh and should be left to women who are still in their 20s, wispy, angled, soft bangs are better suited for thirty-somethings. Soft fringes that fall at the level of your eyebrows offer the most flattering, sophisticated and attractive look. Think Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Biel – their bangs are very stylish, yet not too bold and attention-grabbing.

Your bangs should ideally be short enough that you don’t have to constantly brush then out of your eyes, yet long enough that they cover most of your forehead. When styling your bangs, expert hairstylists recommend blowdrying them with a round brush to provide a flattering curve. Whether you choose to wear them straight down your forehead or wisped across to the side, soft bangs are a great look for a woman in her 30s.

4. Collarbone-Length Bob

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Women in their 30s look amazing with medium-length bobs that reach just between the collarbone and chin. This ideal length is perfect for highlighting facial features while camouflaging the neck. The ideal cut will provide for enough length to allow it to still be pulled back into a ponytail. A great way to cut hair into this type of bob is to have the hairstylist gently layer the hair while razoring the ends.

Hair cut to collarbone-length is incredibly versatile and easy to style a number of ways. It can be worn up or down without getting in the way, while looking stylish and flirty at the same time. An easy way to style this hair cut for on-the-go women is to add a little volumizing spray, and a styling product applied to the shaft of the hair to create an effortless, tousled finish. Use a curling iron to flip out the ends for a flirty look, or use a flatiron to create a more sleek, polished style.

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