Top 10 Places for Thirty Somethings to Live



Looking for the perfect city to call home? If you’re in your thirties, these are the top ten places to live for a booming nightlife, great food, reasonable cost of living, similar median age and booming career opportunities!

10. New York, NY



With one of the best public transportation systems in the United States, a wide-array of diverse (and convenient) foods on every corner and more entertainment options than any one person could ever need, New York tops the list as the best city for the thirty-something crowd to call home.

9. San Francisco, CA



The booming tech scene in San Francisco, combined with extensive night life, food and entertainment options, San Fran is a great place for any up-and-coming techie to call home – assuming you can afford the cost of housing.

8. Arlington, TX

If New York and San Francisco are a bit out of your price range when it comes to cost of living, Arlington, TX might be a more affordable alternative. Just about everything is cheaper in Arlington, from housing to food and beer, and the jobs are currently on the rise, making Arlington a great place to call home.

7. Denver, CO



In addition to legalized marijuana, Denver has a lot going on that makes it a perfect spot for thirty-somethings to settle down in. Those choosing to call Denver home will find a booming music, arts and sports scene, hopping nightlife and gorgeous scenery, along with a rising job market, especially for those in the tech, management, law and engineering fields.

6. Austin, TX

Austin has been hailed by many as one of the best cities in America for watching live music, and there’s never a shortage for entertainment or good barbecue. Austin also ranks high for jobs, especially in government and tech fields. Cheap housing, low gas prices and great weather make Austin a prime location, even if bands and live shows aren’t your thing.

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