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If you’re considering a career change, the new year is a good time to start fresh. One career path in particular that can put you on the path to a $60K per year salary is in the truck driving industry. Particularly in areas of the country where driving an oil or water truck for an oil company is in high demand, truck drivers can make even close to six figures thanks to the plethora of overtime opportunities.

Believe it or not, but there are a number of jobs that you can get into without a college degree that pay at least $60,000 per year in salary. There are thousands of college- and university-educated people out there making much less than that. Now, no one is discounting the value of a good education, but the truth is, you can make decent cash if post-secondary education is not in the cards for you.

If you’re looking at starting a new career in 2015 and love the open road, consider a potential lucrative career in the truck driving industry. Consider the following factors to help jack up the potential salary you can earn as a full-time truck driver.

Geographical Location

Careers in truck driving in the state of North Dakota have skyrocketed over the past few years. In fact, North Dakota is now the hub of the truck driving industry thanks to the latest oil bon in the area, requiring a host of drivers to haul oil across the state and the country. Truck driving jobs are so easy to come by here that drivers from all over the country are being offered great jobs at fabulous salaries, as well as housing. Truck drivers can expect to start off making $60,000 per year, and as much as over $100,000 once overtime and additional miles start clocking in.


Of course, the more experience you have, the more money you can command. A Class C driver, for instance, can earn up to $70,000 per year with plenty of experience. But if you’re willing to go where the money is, and are willing to put in some serious overtime, there’s no reason why you can’t make a minimum of $60,000 per year even if you’re just starting out. Plenty of truck drivers in northern states can attest to that.

Cargo Being Transported

They type of cargo that you transport on your truck will also have an influence on how you can rake in the dough in a new career as a truck driver in 2015. Truck drivers that deliver items such as postal materials, for example, may earn salaries on the lower end of the scale. This depends on the company that you work for, of course. However, drivers who are responsible for transporting flammable or hazardous materials, like oil, will be able to command higher pay, including added bonuses.

Distance Traveled Per Shift

Among the most common and important factors involved in determining the pay rate of a truck driver is the number of miles driven on any given shift. Many companies pay by the mile, so the more miles you drive, the more money you make. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to make over $100,000 per year in salary for covering a great distance.

Shift Hours

The time of day that you’re willing to work can highly influence how much you can get paid as a truck driver. Short distance, local driving will pay less, since it involves transporting smaller cargo. These types of jobs are typically paid by the hour, with hourly rates differing from one company and geographical area to the next. On the other hand, drivers who are willing to work through the night, for longer hauls and farther distances can make a lot more money, as long as they’re fine with being on the road overnight.

Become Part of a Booming Industry

Truck driving jobs are certainly in demand, and are among the important factors that keeps the American economy thriving. With the truck driving industry currently generating about $300 billion every year, this is a great career venture to consider. The pay can be great, and the benefits are an added bonus. You’ll always be in demand, and the opportunities for work in all parts of the country are vast.

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